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The Wonder Nut: Facts About Almonds

Kashmiri Almonds, Almonds

Among all the nut varieties that exist, one that stands out way more than others in terms of being used for multiple purposes are almonds. They happen to be one of the royal dry fruit varieties that are not just immensely health beneficial but also have a taste that only further propagates the fact about its goodness.

Though expensive, these dry fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins while also being used in several recipes as the main ingredient. In this second in a series of articles, the SweetKhana blog brings to you a list of some of the most interesting facts about almonds:


Not a Nut, After All!

Kashmiri Almonds, Almonds

Sounds surprising? It should be! Almonds are technically not nuts but seeds found inside the fruit of a tree. They are covered by a shell, which is removed after putting them into hot water. It must make one wonder, what do human beings not consume?

Lives Long

Kashmiri Almond Oil, Almonds

Almonds, other than being extremely beneficial to your health and increasing a few years in that life span of yours, have a long shelf life. Refrigerated almonds can be preserved for as long as 2 years, which is due to the presence of Vitamin E.

The Chocolaty Wonder

A fact that is certain to startle even the best of folks, forty percent of the world’s total production of almonds is consumed by chocolate companies. For all you know, your favorite chocolate may just have some amount of this wonder nut inside, only enhancing their taste of course!

Lowest on Calories

Another aspect that plays a big role in making almonds as healthy as they are is the fact that they are extremely low on calories. In fact, among all other nuts, it has the lowest amount of calories. What more do you need from a nut that is not even a nut?


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Feeling It Deep: Things Only People in Love Can Relate To

Ooty Homemade Dark Crispy Chocolate, Love

There is no better feeling than love. And those who have been there and even the ones who have come back from it, would agree to the statement. In an earlier segment, the SweetKhana blog had brought an article for those dealing with heartbreaks.

But since the mood is festive and joyous jingle bells are round the corner, we thought it best to bring out something more positive and delightful. Here’s a little list of little things that you could and you would relate to, if you have experienced the beautiful emotion.


First One to Wish

One of the most common things about having a relationship ever since cell phones became a fashion trend is the ability to talk to your loved one at any given point in time from any place on the planet (provided the network does not ditch you). What it has also done is that, he/she is perpetually the first one to wish you during every occasion, be it your birthday or even the day of love.

That Jittery Feeling

When you are in love, you happen to see and feel things differently. More so, in the first few days of your relationship, when you just want to share anything and everything with them. The jittery feeling that you feel somewhere in your abdomen, when you see them staring at you, without any reason is one that is quite a mystery but something that makes it special too.

Sharing the Bites

Ooty Homemade Almond Dark Chocolate Online, Love

It’s definitely not what your hyperactive mind is telling you about. We are talking about sharing food, that becomes an eventually necessity in a relationship. And this is something that not many foodies can even claim to hate! Be it a bar of your favorite chocolate or the candy sweet that you crave for; you end up sharing a few romantic moments during a bite!

The Intimacy of Love

Another misleading subheading that might make you think otherwise (which is definitely not wrong!), if only you were wondering, we are talking about the sweet intimacy that comes with love. Holding hands during a long walk or a warm hug after a tiring day, sometimes, it is only the touch of their skin that can make us fly. And that is certainly one of the greatest feelings in the world.


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Foods of India: Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmiri Dry Fruit Mix Online

A state that has come to be known for all the wrong reasons despite being in the laps of nature, Jammu and Kashmir has time and again been the center of several controversies across borders. However, there is a silver lining to everything seemingly gray and the same rings true for J&K as well.

From producing some of the best dry fruits in the country to having some of the most picturesque sites, the state has in it all the features required to make it a tourist favorite. The SweetKhana blog brings to you a list of foods, famous in the state:


A very popular yoghurt dish in Jammu and Kashmir, it is best known to be made with stems of the lotus flower/plant. It is made with a number of different spices as with most other Indian yoghurt recipes and can be a great company to your rice and dal.


Kashmiri Kahwa Powder (Kehwa), Jammu and Kashmir

This may look strange in an otherwise list of foods eaten for lunch or dinner, but Kashmiri Kahwa is something widely known among those who know a thing or two about tea. Kahwa powder found in Jammu and Kashmir is a must-try for every tea lover because of its exotic nature and irresistible aroma!

Khatte Baingan

Another recipe that finds itself a special place in the menu of Jammu and Kashmir, this is generally seen as a side dish rather than one in main course but plays a significant part in the cuisine. As the name suggests, the taste is tangy and spicy.

Mutton Rogan Josh

If you have been to Jammu and Kashmir and haven’t tasted this dish, you probably did not do anything. Not even an exaggeration of facts, Mutton Rogan Josh is the most non vegetarian recipe across the country and this state makes for one of the biggest proponents.


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Foods of India: Maha Maharashtra

Lonavala Groundnut Chikki Online

A state that is known more for its famed capital city than anything else, Maharashtra though is not all about Mumbai. The state has some of the best architecture of the olden times and Marathas pride themselves for the rich culture and history that they possess.

Though Mumbai has grown exponentially with the whole entertainment business putting its base in the place, the state of Maharashtra hasn’t been too far behind either. It has grown and grown exceedingly quick. From Chikkis to Vada Pav, the food sense of the state is well known too. The SweetKhana blog brings to you a list of foods from the cuisine of Maharashtra.

Vada Pav

The inevitable connection of Vada Pav and Maharashtra can never break. An Indianized version of the Western burger, Vada Pav is a snack that is the staple food for most people in the state. Wherever and whenever you go, you are most likely to find a vada pav stall or two. Spicy and easy to make, this is something one must have when they are in the state.

Bharleli Vangi

This dish is one that can easily compete with the many other Brinjal varieties across the country, with a traditional Maratha recipe being used to make the same. With spices and fresh coconut aplenty, this is the typical Maharastrian dish that every tourist must try.


An exotic preparation of chickpeas cooked with all the traditional Indian spices together, this has a special place alongside stuffed or plain Indian breads. Spicy and tasty, Bhakri is an easy to prepare dish for lunch or dinner.

Puran Poli

Bobbatlu, Puran Poli, Maharashtra

Sweet Indian stuffed bread and a specialty of the state of Maharashtra, Puran Poli is a simple recipe that finds itself a place in most local households. If you are ever into tasting the best of foods in the state, this is one that you should not miss out on.

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Crunchy and Tasty: Varieties of Chips

Pavakkai Chips, Chips

If you happen to be one of those lazy sloths who live alone and cannot go around making something for yourself when you are dying of hunger, readymade chips must be playing a major role in making your life a whole lot easier.

But have you wondered about how those packed snacks with a bunch of preservatives in them, could possibly harm you in the long run? How about a few tasty alternatives instead, brought to you from the SweetKhana store?


Nagercoil Chips

Nagercoil Chips, Chips

Probably the most well known among other variety of traditional chips varieties in Tamil Nadu, Nagercoil or Banana Chip are made with a special kind of banana, giving you the crisp that you know it for. Fried in coconut oil to give you a distinctive taste and aroma, these are very healthy and can make for a great pastime snack.

Sweet Banana Chips

Sweet Banana Chips, Chiips

Another variety  made with bananas, giving you the additional sweet flavor alongside the salty aroma. These are better known by the locals, and aren’t known very well outside the state. If you haven’t tried these yet, you are certainly missing out on something awesome!

Pavakkai Chips

Pavakkai Chips, Chips

May surprise a few, but these are made with bitter gourd. You saw that right — made with bitter gourd, these are traditional crowd favorites in the Tamil land and are a perfect delicacy to go alongside your evening beverage.

Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit Chips, Chips

Crispy and Yummy to the extent of biting your fingers off, this traditional variety, that find its origin in the state of Kerela, is something that will make you crave for more each time you consume it. Jackfruits are also known to have numerous health benefits and these chips being made with a homely feel, are a better and healthy alternative to the packaged ones that you have always had.

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The Fever of Ladoos: Varieties of the Sweet

Besan Ladoo 2

Indians are known to be big hearted people who like to spend it big on festive occasions. Be it Diwali, Holi or even an occasion that isn’t traditionally their own, the presence of sweets is a definite must for them. In every household, one sweet that always finds its way however are Ladoos.

A country full of those who are insanely fanatic about this sweet, India certainly knows a thing about different types of Ladoos. And the SweetKhana blog brings to you a tiny list of some varieties that you could get at our store.

Methi Ladoos

Methi Ladoo, Ladoos

Not a much known commodity in most parts of India; Methi Ladoos are a festive delight and are generally made in Indian households during specific occasions. As the name clearly suggests, they are made with Methi/Fenugreek seeds among other ingredients. With a hint of cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper, this can quite be the one-of-its-kind when you have it for the first time.

Gond Ke Ladoos

Gond Ke Ladoo, Ladoos

The name may seem weird from the perspective of an individual not quite familiar with this variety, this are quite literally made with Gond/Edible Gum and Wheat Flour. These are traditionally known to keep bodies warm and were fed to women after deliveries.

Gond Ke Ladoos (Sugar Free)

Gond Ke Ladoo (Sugar Free), Ladoos

With health benefits being a major concern in all corners, this sugar free variety of Gond Ladoo is one for the health maniacs out there. Made with almost all the same ingredients, these are sugar free and obviously have lesser calories.

Besan Ladoos

Besan Ladoo, Besan Ke Ladoo, Ladoos

The most well-known variety of the lot, Besan Ladoo is a north Indian speciality also loved across the states by people of all ages for the overdose of ghee and sweetness. Made with besan or gram flour, these sweets can tap into your happy spaces like no other.


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Beginning of Another End: Happy New Year!

Besan Papdi Gathiya. New Year

Another 365 days round the sun, and yet another year is coming to an end. The year may have been a fulfilling one or one that you are eager to forget, but a new year is about to begin. And the whole world shall erupt with joy as the clock strike 12 on December 31st.

Do you have any plans? If not, this is just the article from the SweetKhana blog that would give you a reason or two, to be happy on the first day of the New Year. If you do have plans though, you might just find a list of things to do on the elusive day. You might have missed out on a few!


Revive Some Relationships

Do you remember the last time you had a real conversation with your high school best friend? Or the last time you had thanked your parents for just being there through it all? Now is the time to do that and more. Think about all the relationships that have hit an awkward roadblock and make a small effort. Sometimes, all you need is a heart to heart conversation to revive a forgotten relationship.

Spring Some Surprises

Besan Papdi Gathiya, New Year

Use any online outlet to surprise the loved ones living far away. It could be a tangy food that used to be their favorite or a bunch of flowers, take some time out and make a list of all the people whom you could surprise with such a gift. After all, there is no better feeling than getting a phone call from someone you care for, in an overjoyed tone telling how happy you have made them.

Let Nostalgia Be Your Guide

More than making others happy, however, it is important to think about your own happiness sometimes. Is there a hobby that has taken a backseat over the years with the luggage of too much work and family stress? Take some time out for yourself and let nostalgia take you on a joyride. The world might just have missed an artist!

Spread Some Joy

As with many other moments of happiness, how about sharing some joy this New Year’s Day with those who don’t have the means to have a happy one? You could pick out any of the orphanages near you and head out there for a few hours with a packet of sweets or chocolates. The smile on their faces is something that would certainly make your day brighter.

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Santa Comes Calling: Things to do on Christmas

Plum Cake, Christmas

The bells are about to jingle. It is that time of the year when Santa Claus will become a trending hashtag again. Christmas, like every other year, would push people around the world into joyous festivities. And amidst all of that, you might just be one of those who are mundanely clueless about celebrating the festival this year.

But how can you be mundane when the SweetKhana blog brings to you the perfect list of things to do in the Christmas week?


Home Sweet Home

What we often fail to realize during festivities like these is the festive feel that comes alongside it. So, why wait for others to pave the way when you could use some simple accessories to decorate your house? Get yourself up early on Christmas Eve and make your home look like one that would dazzle dear Santa while he goes around gifting with his reindeers!

Show the Love

Though it is often said that love is better felt than talked about, sometimes, you could make a few exceptions, right? Be the Secret Santa and surprise your dear and near ones with something little but something special. It could be anything, from a toy to a box of chocolates, but show the love that you have for them.

Bake It Up

Plum Cake, Christmas

Christmas is one of those festivals when cakes find their way round our homes more than any other day. How about baking something up on your own, or if you don’t know a thing or two about cooking, ask a dear friend to come over for a bakery session? And then, if you are one of those who like it alone during festivities, YouTube will certainly come to your rescue!

The Christmas Carol

For Indians who have never quite felt the warmth of a chilling Christmas, make this one your first. Apart from all the decoration and baking, hold on to your loved ones while letting the carol make you sway with joy.

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Little Delights: Special Varieties of Cookies

Mango Cookies 4

Imagine having an irresistible cup of hot chai at hand and not being able to find any cookies to dip in! That would possibly be a nightmare for you if you happen to fall in the category of those chai traditionalists who need a little something to dip into their drink while having it.

Cookies happen to form a large part of any kitchen shelf, notwithstanding the kind of food you tend to prefer. There probably isn’t a single household with a kitchen that would find itself devoid of this simple delight. This article from the SweetKhana blog gives you a little glimpse into the number of special varities of this snack that our store possesses:

Mango Cookies

Mango Cookies, cookies

As the name clearly suggests, this variety is made with mango extracts providing you the much needed alternative to your regular dose of biscuits. Soft and tasty, these are sure to melt taste buds of any age at any place!

Cashew Cookies

Cashew Nut Cookies, Cookies


A variant that may seem fairly common to most, these cashew nut cookies are made with vanilla extracts and butter giving you the taste that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. These biscuits can also act as a great snack when hunger decides to strike.

Pista Cookies

Pista Cookies, cookies


This should sound delightful to all the pistachio lovers out there. With just the right amount of pistachio and vanilla in it, these biscuits are sure to be a definite favorite among the kids of the house. This is one of those varieties that will keep you craving for more with every bite.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies, cookies

This is the variety that never goes out of fashion! As with everything else that has chocolate, these biscuits make for a delightful and sumptuous retreat during all times. You won’t really need a beverage for company when these are around.

Badam Cookies

Badam Cookies, Cookies

Possibly the most special of the lot, this variety is covered with almonds that make it something that you cannot quite put down. The covering not only gives you an unrivaled taste, these cookies are crunchy and soft at the very same time, just the thing to keep your senses busy.

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The Wonder Beverage: Lesser Known Facts About Tea

Ooty Dust Tea 4

Chai is such an under-rated piece of wonder. Every tea lover must have often wondered why their preferred beverage that does so much more than just refresh the body hasn’t been a regular feature in literature and entertainment. It has always been the heavily publicized caffeinated drink that steals the show. But those who know it, do know it well; there’s nothing quite like the aroma of a hot cup of chai after a long tiring day to kick start your evening into something more than just a lousy affair.

In this first in a series of articles, the SweetKhana blog brings to you some startling and lesser known facts about the beverage you just can’t do without!

The Accidental Wonder

Ooty Dust Tea, Tea, SweetKhana, SweetKhana Store

How often have you come across the phrase, ‘all great things happened accidentally’? This drink is something we would not all be relishing today, had it not been for an accident in ancient times. According to legend, Shen Nung, the then Chinese Emperor accidentally got a tea leaf in his bowl of hot water and that was how tea found itself a place on kitchen shelves!

Change of Course

Tea was first used as a medicine for centuries by certain Chinese dynasties that used it as one among many ingredients for healing purposes. While the exact nature of the same is unknown, modern science too has proved that it has health benefits. It was centuries later when it found its place among the most sought after beverages.

Art of Tasseography

Historically known to be a seventeenth century concept that originated in the Europe after the Dutch introduced the beverage to those regions through trade, Tasseography is a fortune telling method that primarily involves tea leaves. There are varying types of this art, but most include similar concepts of intuitive prediction.

Herbal Tea Does Not Have Tea Leaves

With the advent of so many different brands of herbal tea that promise innumerable health benefits, one would be surprised to know that it doesn’t generally contain any tea leaves. It is made with other parts of the plant, like the roots and some other special spices and herbs.