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Horlicks Dry Fruit Pootharekulu


Product Description

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Pootharekulu or Paper sweet is very famous sweet of Telugu people. It is made with thin and transparent papers rolled with sugar and ghee. A special variety of rice called Jaya and a special pot are required to make this sweet. The whole process is tough to make at home as the Pootharekulu recipe is passed on through generations. Horlicks Dry Fruit Pootharekulu is specially prepared for kids and is rich in nutrition due to dry fruits. This serves as a one whole snack and can munch on anytime.

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Shelf Life

30 Days

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Andhra Pradesh, Atreyapuram


Cardamom, Dry Fruits, Ghee, Horlicks, Powdered Sugar, Rice starch


7 Pieces, 15 Pieces, 30 Pieces, 60 Pieces


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