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Crunchy and Tasty: Varieties of Chips

Pavakkai Chips, Chips

If you happen to be one of those lazy sloths who live alone and cannot go around making something for yourself when you are dying of hunger, readymade chips must be playing a major role in making your life a whole lot easier.

But have you wondered about how those packed snacks with a bunch of preservatives in them, could possibly harm you in the long run? How about a few tasty alternatives instead, brought to you from the SweetKhana store?


Nagercoil Chips

Nagercoil Chips, Chips

Probably the most well known among other variety of traditional chips varieties in Tamil Nadu, Nagercoil or Banana Chip are made with a special kind of banana, giving you the crisp that you know it for. Fried in coconut oil to give you a distinctive taste and aroma, these are very healthy and can make for a great pastime snack.

Sweet Banana Chips

Sweet Banana Chips, Chiips

Another variety  made with bananas, giving you the additional sweet flavor alongside the salty aroma. These are better known by the locals, and aren’t known very well outside the state. If you haven’t tried these yet, you are certainly missing out on something awesome!

Pavakkai Chips

Pavakkai Chips, Chips

May surprise a few, but these are made with bitter gourd. You saw that right — made with bitter gourd, these are traditional crowd favorites in the Tamil land and are a perfect delicacy to go alongside your evening beverage.

Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit Chips, Chips

Crispy and Yummy to the extent of biting your fingers off, this traditional variety, that find its origin in the state of Kerela, is something that will make you crave for more each time you consume it. Jackfruits are also known to have numerous health benefits and these chips being made with a homely feel, are a better and healthy alternative to the packaged ones that you have always had.

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