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The Wonder Nut: Facts About Almonds

Kashmiri Almonds, Almonds

Among all the nut varieties that exist, one that stands out way more than others in terms of being used for multiple purposes are almonds. They happen to be one of the royal dry fruit varieties that are not just immensely health beneficial but also have a taste that only further propagates the fact about its goodness.

Though expensive, these dry fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins while also being used in several recipes as the main ingredient. In this second in a series of articles, the SweetKhana blog brings to you a list of some of the most interesting facts about almonds:


Not a Nut, After All!

Kashmiri Almonds, Almonds

Sounds surprising? It should be! Almonds are technically not nuts but seeds found inside the fruit of a tree. They are covered by a shell, which is removed after putting them into hot water. It must make one wonder, what do human beings not consume?

Lives Long

Kashmiri Almond Oil, Almonds

Almonds, other than being extremely beneficial to your health and increasing a few years in that life span of yours, have a long shelf life. Refrigerated almonds can be preserved for as long as 2 years, which is due to the presence of Vitamin E.

The Chocolaty Wonder

A fact that is certain to startle even the best of folks, forty percent of the world’s total production of almonds is consumed by chocolate companies. For all you know, your favorite chocolate may just have some amount of this wonder nut inside, only enhancing their taste of course!

Lowest on Calories

Another aspect that plays a big role in making almonds as healthy as they are is the fact that they are extremely low on calories. In fact, among all other nuts, it has the lowest amount of calories. What more do you need from a nut that is not even a nut?


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