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Foods of India: Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmiri Dry Fruit Mix Online

A state that has come to be known for all the wrong reasons despite being in the laps of nature, Jammu and Kashmir has time and again been the center of several controversies across borders. However, there is a silver lining to everything seemingly gray and the same rings true for J&K as well.

From producing some of the best dry fruits in the country to having some of the most picturesque sites, the state has in it all the features required to make it a tourist favorite. The SweetKhana blog brings to you a list of foods, famous in the state:


A very popular yoghurt dish in Jammu and Kashmir, it is best known to be made with stems of the lotus flower/plant. It is made with a number of different spices as with most other Indian yoghurt recipes and can be a great company to your rice and dal.


Kashmiri Kahwa Powder (Kehwa), Jammu and Kashmir

This may look strange in an otherwise list of foods eaten for lunch or dinner, but Kashmiri Kahwa is something widely known among those who know a thing or two about tea. Kahwa powder found in Jammu and Kashmir is a must-try for every tea lover because of its exotic nature and irresistible aroma!

Khatte Baingan

Another recipe that finds itself a special place in the menu of Jammu and Kashmir, this is generally seen as a side dish rather than one in main course but plays a significant part in the cuisine. As the name suggests, the taste is tangy and spicy.

Mutton Rogan Josh

If you have been to Jammu and Kashmir and haven’t tasted this dish, you probably did not do anything. Not even an exaggeration of facts, Mutton Rogan Josh is the most non vegetarian recipe across the country and this state makes for one of the biggest proponents.


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