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Feeling It Deep: Things Only People in Love Can Relate To

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There is no better feeling than love. And those who have been there and even the ones who have come back from it, would agree to the statement. In an earlier segment, the SweetKhana blog had brought an article for those dealing with heartbreaks.

But since the mood is festive and joyous jingle bells are round the corner, we thought it best to bring out something more positive and delightful. Here’s a little list of little things that you could and you would relate to, if you have experienced the beautiful emotion.


First One to Wish

One of the most common things about having a relationship ever since cell phones became a fashion trend is the ability to talk to your loved one at any given point in time from any place on the planet (provided the network does not ditch you). What it has also done is that, he/she is perpetually the first one to wish you during every occasion, be it your birthday or even the day of love.

That Jittery Feeling

When you are in love, you happen to see and feel things differently. More so, in the first few days of your relationship, when you just want to share anything and everything with them. The jittery feeling that you feel somewhere in your abdomen, when you see them staring at you, without any reason is one that is quite a mystery but something that makes it special too.

Sharing the Bites

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It’s definitely not what your hyperactive mind is telling you about. We are talking about sharing food, that becomes an eventually necessity in a relationship. And this is something that not many foodies can even claim to hate! Be it a bar of your favorite chocolate or the candy sweet that you crave for; you end up sharing a few romantic moments during a bite!

The Intimacy of Love

Another misleading subheading that might make you think otherwise (which is definitely not wrong!), if only you were wondering, we are talking about the sweet intimacy that comes with love. Holding hands during a long walk or a warm hug after a tiring day, sometimes, it is only the touch of their skin that can make us fly. And that is certainly one of the greatest feelings in the world.


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